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Things You Need to Do
Before Picking Blackberries

Select The Right Berries

When picking blackberries, it is important to remember that not all berries are created equal. Check for berries that are deep purple and ripe. Berries ready to pluck will take on a dark, almost eggplant-like color. Ensure that they don't have any bruises or aren't overripe.

Use Protection

Blackberry brambles are unpopular in the community due to their thorns. Use reasonably thick gloves before you pick blackberries. Also, consider full-sleeve shirts and full-length pants when you're going to pick them. Something to also look out for is that they stain light-colored garments, so opt for darker shades.

Don't Pick Too Low

Picking from branches that are too low is not advisable for several reasons. Random animals and even your pet dog might have urinated on them. Lower to the ground also means that other smaller animals might have had a nibble on them. Opt for picking from branches that are higher than three feet.

Pick Early & Often

Blackberries ripen and bear new fruit quickly, so you need to ensure that you're ready to pick them as they do. A general rule of thumb is to wait for two years because that's when cultivars produce their berries. It's a good idea to keep an eye out for berries after fifteen months.

Bring In Friends

If you have a large patch of blackberries, it can be tiresome to get this done yourself. It's a great idea to bring some friends who can help you get this done faster. If you're short, your taller friends can get the berries that you might not be able to reach.

Follow Pruning Strategies

The process is not over as soon as you're done harvesting the berries. Pruning is vital to ensure you have an easier time next year when picking berries. An interesting fact about blackberries is that canes that produce berries will not fruit again. So trim these to make way for newer branches.

Health Benefits of

Improved Body Functions

Blackberries are full of vitamins and other nutrients which improve your health. It has vitamin C, K, manganese, and fiber. These can help your body in several ways, including preventing cancer, stronger bones, and improving immunity. All of these contribute greatly to overall body health and longevity.

Help Heal Wounds

Eating blackberries can help you with healing wounds like minor cuts and bruises. This is because it promotes quicker blood clotting and accelerates skin regeneration. The presence of vitamin C also helps recovery from fractures and other injuries quicker.

Good Remedy For Colds

Blackberries are a great remedy for a stuffy nose. The vitamins it has reduces the effect of allergies in your nasal cavities. It can do this because it reduces inflammation in your body. This results in shorter illness periods when you fall ill or prevents colds altogether.

Reduce Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons. These molecules cause irreparable damage to the body causing cancer and heart disease. It has been proven that blackberries prevent free radical formation. Blackberries are a rich source of antioxidants, and they're easily available.

Better Digestion Control

Eating blueberries improves your digestion. It reduces issues like bloating, stomach aches, and constipation and promotes weight loss. Blueberries also reduce blood sugar levels, improving overall health and helping you stay lean.

Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases

Blackberries are well known in health and fitness circles for their ability to reduce heart-related issues. Blackberries have anthocyanins which prevent inflammation and plaque in your blood vessels and your heart. This process of plaque buildup is called atherosclerosis which is reduced when you eat blackberries.

Picking Blackberries, TX - FAQs

If you didn't know earlier, there are good seasons to pick blackberries. Some good blackberries picking months are July, August, and September. So, pencil in your blackberry picking for those months, and you'll end up with juicy and lush berries. You can preserve them or make them into jams and jellies.

Good blackberries are shiny and firm to the touch. The flavor of the berries will vary from place to place and depends on which farm you pick them from. If you prefer picking from open areas, ensure that you don't pick them next to the roads. They might be coated with pollutants from automobile exhausts.

Call ahead if you're picking blackberries from a farm and ensure they aren't booked out for the day. Blackberry picking farms can get busy from morning to noon, so reserve ahead of time and start early. In some areas, the sun can be tiresome later in the day.

Opt for long, thick pants and tall boots that protect you from ticks and poison ivy. Ensure that you wear a long-sleeved and thick shirt or t-shirt that can keep ticks off you. Also, consider wearing a full-fingered glove to hold a briar and pick the berries off with the other hand. Finally, remember to wear a hat or cap to keep the sun away.

Blackberries have a short shelf life, and you need to ensure that you have some plans to preserve them. You can preserve them either by freezing, preserving, or canning them. Freezing is the most popular method to preserve it. All you need to do is wash them thoroughly, then put them in a bag and set them in your freezer.

Blackberries are a low-calorie fruit high in vitamin C and other nutrients. They are also high in fiber and have a low glycemic index, meaning they slow down your blood sugar levels. So, in addition to being tasty, blackberries are healthy and nutritious.

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